[Pws] E-Privacy 2017 1750 eur Expenses Reimbursements

Fabio Pietrosanti - Hermes Center fabio.pietrosanti a hermescenter.org
Dom 22 Ott 2017 20:05:51 CEST


the event e-privacy autumn edition 2017 has been a success, we are sending
receipt for payment of the expenses sustained within the grant approved
from digital rights fund.

The event took place in Venice, we got more than 24 speakers and around 60

All of the presentations along with video recording are online
http://e-privacy.winstonsmith.org/ .

A set of Photos during the event to document it are available here:

>From a bureaucratic point of view we are attaching a single Hermes Center
Receipt, that in turn has paid to the organisers the expenses (that has
been anticipated by the organisers individually).

The detail of expenses and reimbursemens are on this spreadsheet:

The list of Receipts of expenses sustained are the two following ones:
*All Expenses*

*Audio/Visual Expenses*

Is that way ok?

Fabio Pietrosanti - President & Co-Founder
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HERMES - Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights
Associazione No Profit | Via Aretusa 34, IT-20129 Milan, Italy
t. +39-02-87186005 (voicemail) | f. +39-02-87162573
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w. https://www.hermescenter.org | m. info a hermescenter.org
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